Alan Curtis describes himself as an educationalist – a specialist in the theory and methods of education.

Education – the act of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life. Preparation for life as an adult (one could debate the maturity of some) comes through the noble art of teaching – teaching in the home, teaching at school.

Gutenberg to Zuckerberg

The debates about education theory and methods range widely and of course they are now changing  greatly.  Methods didn’t change significantly from the time of the Greeks (where the teachers of the day stood in front of their followers and pronounced on a variety of largely social subjects) to the adoption of compulsory education in New Zealand in 1877 or even through into modern times.

There was a significant shift, however, in bringing education to a wider population from the 1400s when Gutenberg’s work on printing machines evolved into the production of books which could be accessed by a wider public.  Since then the biggest sea change has been from the beginning of the 21st century with the widespread adoption of technology, epitomised by Zuckerberg’s creation of Facebook.

Alan has worked in the field of education for over thirty years, not as a teaching practitioner but as a parent, a board member and now as an education consultant he is totally immersed in working with schools in helping them come to terms with the changing times, the changing environment and the changing technology.

He works with schools, with school boards and school principals and with the Ministry of Education in guiding and cajoling people down new paths.  He provides a background and an understanding of where education management is and where it is going.  He doesn’t claim to be an expert in the classroom, however he does have a keen interest and long experience with how schools work.


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